After dynamic menus, I propose you a new f.label function.

It works like f.title, but is always drawn like an non-selected usual menu item.

It could allow to easily emulate some basic dialog boxes like this one:

Menu "reboot"
    "Reboot"              f.title
    "Do you really want to reboot?" f.label
    "*No!"                f.nop
    "Yes" ("white":"red") !"shutdown -r now"

Or provide some just retrieved information thanks to dynamic menus:

f.dynmenu """
"Info" f.tile
"Battery level $(battery level)" f.label
"Another info $(get_info)"       f.label

Added to the dynamic menus changes: https://github.com/maxatome/ctwm-mirror/commit/9549d19a82ecc55da950c7ec7bb9e0753b1897d0



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