I have configured my ctwm with an empty window ring, thus making
f.warpring "next"/"prev" circle through all windows.

This works in some workspaces, some of the time. In a lot of cases, it
does, however, not. It will usually circle forward ("next") through
the windows which occupy all workspaces (icon/workspace manager +
clock), but then all bets are off. If circling is limited, then
circling backwards ("prev") will also be restricted to a subset of the
windows in the workspace, but not necessarily the same windows, or
even the same number of windows.

In the workspace in which I'm writing this, I have the "basic" three
windows, plus an Emacs and three xterms. Circling forwards will circle
throught the basic windows plus one of the xterms. Circling backwards
will circle through the two other xterms and the icon manager.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? It should not be something
in my configuration, but possibly my config might trigger something
(the first line of my configuration file is "NoDefaults", go

I'm running ctwm 3.6 with my workspace manager key binding patch
applied, but this problem actually predates both 3.6 and my patch.


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