You are right, this is a plain bug. If no one else do it, I'll try to find
some time to fix it.


On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 02:36:06 -0500
Bjorn Knutsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> remarque astucieusement:

> I have configured my ctwm with an empty window ring, thus making
> f.warpring "next"/"prev" circle through all windows.
> This works in some workspaces, some of the time. In a lot of cases, it
> does, however, not. It will usually circle forward ("next") through
> the windows which occupy all workspaces (icon/workspace manager +
> clock), but then all bets are off. If circling is limited, then
> circling backwards ("prev") will also be restricted to a subset of the
> windows in the workspace, but not necessarily the same windows, or
> even the same number of windows.
> In the workspace in which I'm writing this, I have the "basic" three
> windows, plus an Emacs and three xterms. Circling forwards will circle
> throught the basic windows plus one of the xterms. Circling backwards
> will circle through the two other xterms and the icon manager.
> Has anyone else experienced this problem? It should not be something
> in my configuration, but possibly my config might trigger something
> (the first line of my configuration file is "NoDefaults", go
> figure...).
> I'm running ctwm 3.6 with my workspace manager key binding patch
> applied, but this problem actually predates both 3.6 and my patch.
> /Björn

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