I apologize if this have been discrussed before, but I may have missed it. The
available rpms for ctwm-3.6 are all compiled without the I18N flag defined (I
am referring to both Johan Vromans and Rudolph T Maceyko's rpms. I have been
using an older rpm by Rudolph T Maceyko, namely ctwm-3.5.2b-5.i386-Linux.rpm,
and it had I18N compiled in. Since I need it to show UTF-8 titles, I try to
rebuild both newer source rpms with a patch to Imakefile to define I18N. The
rebuild was uneventful (I am using a redhat 8.0 machine), and the UTF-8 titles
began to show. However I noticed a problem In the strings shown on the small
windows in the WorkSpaceManager. Thy are not display in the center of the
window, but rather below it. This causes them to disappear completely if the
window is not heigh enough. I don't know what causes the problem. I will be
happy to supplu data about my setup if required.

Another thing: Already in 3.5, I noticed that although UTF-8 strings woth
caharcter codes  > +U0100 are shown ok, the accented latin letter, with codes
between +U0080 and +U00FF (i.e., whose 16 bits represetation have only one
byte, with most significat bit set - these are the non-ascii, iso-8850-1
characters) are not shown at all. So, I can show fancy openning and closing
quotes on the window title, but I cannot show an accented letter.

I will be obliged for any help you might provide, since I have been using now
ctwm for many years and will not switch wm for any cost.

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