Hi there, I\m new to curl (first time contributing to open source project

I am working on resolving this issue ( Github: #2161 )

So far I think i fixed: Total (and) % Received

Here is a snippet (I did it like this because I didn't want to post images
in attachments)

** Resuming transfer from byte position 1186172928
   Total      % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time       Time
                                                Dload     Upload   Total
Spent      Left       Speed
   1432M   79 1141M    0     0      2321k       0       0:02:13  0:00:04
0:02:09 2321k


My question is, should I leave (Time Spent), to count from beginning
(0:00:00) every time or is it better
if it continues, from where I left off?

Btw, i also removed (% Total) because it doesn't make sense in this format.

And since I'm new here it it appropriate to post these kind of stuff here
or should I do this on github?

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