I am using libcurl "C" library to open a Persistent  HTTP connection to
Server with timeout set to 5 sec(using CURLOPT_TIMEOUT) and using
curl_easy_perform for making requests. Below is the scenario:

1. Client  sends request to */test1.html*
2. The server doesn't respond within  5 sec and *curl_easy_perform* returns
error code 28.
3. The client doesn't close the connection and reuses the same connection
to send another request to /test2.html.
4. While Server still processing /test2.html, it returns the response of

How does the client/libcurl handle the response? Will it consider the
response of *test1.html* as the response of test2.html? If yes, what should
is there any solution provided by libcurl to handle such use-case where I
want to discard the response of test1.html?

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