By chance I just realized that we've now passed five years since the internal overhaul that made us use only non-blocking internals[1] and "multi" everywhere and I figured I'd just highlight this fact!

Commit c43127414d89ccb9ef[2], as done on Jan 17 2013 (shipped in curl 7.29.0), improved the internals in a single blow to something that is much better and easier to maintain and work with and yet provides the variety of interfaces and APIs that we do. Without breaking any ABIs or APIs. I realize I'm tooting my own horn a bit here, but I think it is good to reflect on the past at times and recognize what's been good and what's been less good. That commit caused some destabilization for a few releases, but we've gotten *so* much good out of it since...

Yang Tse was a strong contributing factor to that rearchitecture of libcurl. It's a loss for us that he's no longer active in the project.

Yay for good changes!

[1] = yeah, not quite, there are a few but annoying exceptions but let's
      pretend they don't exist for the moment =)
[2] = https://github.com/curl/curl/commit/c43127414d89ccb9ef


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