Hi team!

About six months ago I wrote a document to myself listing twelve features and functionality I wanted to work on for curl.

This is the status of them right now:

 - four of the larger ones are already well underway (HTTP/3, alt-svc,
   parallel transfers in curl, tiny-curl)

 - one is in work in progress (wolfSSH backend)

 - two of them I changed my mind about (Option to refuse HTTPS => HTTP
   redirects and curl_multi_fdset() alternative for poll()) and I'll drop

 - one is on hold (option to let CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST be overridden on
   redirect) to see if someone finds it interesting later

Those are eight things and I said there were twelve to start with. So four of them I didn't get to (yet). I won't tell you what the remaining ones are. Instead I'll give you a link with TEN different things to potentially take on next (and one free form field). Those things are:

 - Hardcoded localhost
 - buildconfig
 - DNS-over-TLS
 - Prevent -X from overriding the next request
 - tiny-curl
 - wolfSSH backend

I want *you* to grade them for me. Which ones would you like to see happen? Which ones are useless to you? (Each item is explained a little further on the actual poll page)

I want you to help me figure out what (lib)curl users and developers want the most and use this information to guide in which order and how to go forward.

Or, if you prefer, you can also just reply to this email!


I'll keep the poll open for a few days at least, but if you want to participate in deciding what to see next in curl, please fill it in sooner rather than later.


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