Christopher Barber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 前川享仁 wrote:
> >Hi gurus,
> >
> >In my project, some say that logging informations should be
> >outputted into RTE console with {output} and {dump} procedures.
> >
> >I know RTE console is good, but I'm afraid whether it can run even
> >for 24 hours * 365 days and never effect applets.  Because the
> >applets could be used for all 24 hours, so logging informations
> >written in the console could be very numerous.
> I think this would take up increasing amounts of memory over
> time. It would probably be better if you were to log to a file
> instead.

Actually the IDE output pane and the RTE console have a built-in limit
of 10000 lines of output.  So in theory the RTE console's memory use
would grow until you reach 10000 lines and then it would level off.

Personally I wouldn't use the RTE and/or IDE consoles for extended
logging purposes.  Instead I would log the data to a file on disk.
This has a few benefits:

- You can truncate the log yourself, and keep the amount of data that
  you're interested in.

- If you run more than one applet, you don't have to worry about
  trying to figure out which applet produced which output.

- It's easier to monitor the log output from a remote computer or
  another editor without having to bring up the Surge UI.


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