Trying to install -current on an AMD64 system that has been running NetBSD for 
years.  Having problems with X.  For some reason my setup never works correctly 
without having to install a customized xorg.conf file, and every new release of 
X acts differently.  So it’s always a treasure hunt to find the magic that 
works and I’ve had to do this on NetBSD and Linux.  The issue I have is that 
the auto configure feature in X never offers me the higher resolutions and 
screen sizes that match my monitor and are supported by my graphics card, so I 
have to use an xorg.conf file to force them.

With the last couple of updates to X I’ve found that the xorg.conf file 
generated with the “X -configure” command won’t work with “X -config”.  This happens on both NetBSD and Linux, but that doesn’t 
surprise me as it seems to be an issue with X.

However I’ve run out of things to try with -current. The xorg.conf file that 
works fine under NetBSD 7.1.2 won’t work with -current.  Ditto the file I’ve 
got working on LinuxMint 18.3.

The nouveau and vesa drivers don’t seem to find my graphics card, a GeForce 
210.  The nv driver finds the card but then claims there are no compatible 
screens, and this is in the generated xorg.conf file and before I’ve tried 
adding the extra stuff for higher resolutions and screen size.

Anyone have some suggestions to try, other than falling back to 7.1.2?


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