I've been successfully using netbsd-8 (amd64) on my file server for
several weeks.

Recently, I updated and found that upon rebooting, 'mountd' would hang,
pausing the startup sequence (notably that I couldn't connect with SSH
after a resonable time).

When I visited the console, I could hit Control-C and the rest of the
startup sequence proceeded.  Running "/etc/rc.d/mountd" thereafter
worked.  It also did not hang upon subsequent reboot.

At first I though it was having difficulty with entries in my "/etc/exports"
file which I had removed from the file system.  It didn't complain about
them, it was just stuck.  I removed the now-spurious entries, but after
seeing the behavior a second time, it may not have mattered.

So far it seems to do this only on the first reboot after an update.

Anyone else see something like this?

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