CVE Board Meeting Notes

July 19, 2023 (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT)

*       2:00-2:05        Introduction

*       2:05-3:25        Topics

           *   CISA ICS Top-Level Root Name, Scope, and Structure Change
           *   AI/ML Vulnerabilities

*       3:25-3:35        Open Discussion

*       3:35-3:55        Review of Action Items

*       3:55-4:00        Closing Remarks
New Action Items from Today's Meeting
New Action Item
Responsible Party
Check with CISA to get their feedback on: (1) making ICS a Root under CISA 
instead of a CNA, and (2) expanding scope (and changing name) of the proposed 
Federal Enterprises CNA to include state, local, territorial, and tribal 
governments. Update slides and distribute to the Board list for further 
comments and resolution.
Board Member
Invite NVIDIA to attend the Board meeting on August 16 to discuss AI/ML 
vulnerabilities. Inform Secretariat so it can be added to the agenda.
Board Member
Share AI/ML vulnerabilities bug bar with the Board when it is published.
Board Member
CISA ICS Top-Level Root Name, Scope, and Structure Change

  *   There have been recent discussions about expanding the CISA ICS Top-Level 
Root (TL-Root) scope to include Federal Enterprises. The MITRE TL-Root and the 
Secretariat support the intent and have provided feedback.
  *   Under the new structure, CISA ICS would drop ICS from its name, remain a 
TL-Root, and retain its CNA of Last Resort (CNA-LR) role. It would have two new 
CNAs under it: ICS and Medical Devices, and Federal Enterprises. Both CNAs 
could become Roots in the future, if needed.
  *   Question: Why not make ICS a Root under CISA immediately? Answer: Will 
check with CISA and get their thoughts (action item).
  *   Question: What kind of vulnerabilities are we expecting the Federal 
Enterprises CNA to focus on? Is it product related or open source related? 
Answer: One example is the numerous applications the federal government 
develops for citizens, e.g., booking time at a national park.
  *   Question: What are the expectations of the Federal Enterprises CNA? Would 
a federal agency become a CNA? Answer: No current expectations that a federal 
department or agency will become a CNA, but if they want to become a CNA, it 
would make sense to elevate Federal Enterprises to the Root level.
  *   Comment: Do not limit Federal Enterprises scope to federal civilian 
agencies; include state, local, territorial, and tribal. Maybe call it 
Government (or .GOV) to allow more flexibility and expansion capability. 
Response: Will check with CISA and get their thoughts (action item combined 
with action item above).
  *   The slides will be updated, incorporating CISA's feedback. The updated 
slides will be distributed on the Board list for additional comments and 
resolution on this topic (action item combined with action items above).
Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) Vulnerabilities

  *   Need an understanding of the scope of AI/ML vulnerabilities that fall 
within CVE purview, to help guide CNAs. For example, a model training issue is 
not a vulnerability.
  *   The program needs to send out public commentary to help the community 
understand its position on AI/ML vulnerabilities. What is and what is not a 
vulnerability in this space?
  *   There was a recent email exchange between a Board member and NVIDIA on 
this topic. Question: Would it be possible for NVIDIA to come talk to the Board 
about this topic and what their specific concern is? Answer: I think they would 
be receptive to the opportunity. An invitation will be extended to NVIDIA to 
attend the Board meeting on August 16 (action item).
  *   Comment: A Board member's company plans to publish a bug bar around the 
topic of AI and vulnerabilities in the near future. Could be a good data point 
for the program's guidance (action item).
  *   Comment: Would be useful to have a conversation with companies to 
understand their expectations around their security model in terms of AI/ML.
  *   Question: When we talk about making a statement to the community, do we 
mean a general statement, or something more codified? Answer: Treat it like we 
are treating cloud; do both.
  *   Question: Is this a topic we can resolve quickly enough to include in the 
next CNA Rules update (currently under revision)? Answer: No, the draft update 
is expected to be released in late August. Need more time to get AI/ML right.
Open Discussion

  *   JSON 4 Deprecation
     *   Question: Did program guidance go out to the community about 
deprecating JSON 4 on June 30, 2024? That guidance was planned for the week 
after July 4. Answer: Yes, multiple messages have gone out about deprecation, 
but the specific June 30 date is awaiting TWG review. Decision could be as soon 
as tomorrow.
     *   This is important, need to give community time to adjust.
  *   JSON 5 Guidance for CNAs/Developers
     *   Question: What is the status of getting JSON 5 guidance out the door? 
Answer: Content is under development, and will need review by TWG and QWG 
before release. That should happen in about two weeks.
     *   Intended to be a guide of top things to watch out for as a 
CNA/developer when interfacing with the updated CVE services.
  *   ADP References Pilot
     *   Expect to push out to the ADP demonstration environment by end of next 
     *   Still expect to have the production pilot ready by end of August/early 
     *   Question: The CISA pilot may be done before the Secretariat 
(references) pilot. Does anyone see a reason why we should not just proceed 
with the CISA pilot first? Answer: They are independent; the order does not 
  *   ADP Application Template
     *   CVE has been approached by several organizations that want to become 
ADPs. Need to bring some structure to the application process and establish 
     *   Previous action item - should be ready for SPWG review next week.
     *   Application process will need Board review/approval.
  *   Executive Board session
     *   A Board member requested an executive Board session to address private 
Board business. The meeting will be two hours and held August 2. As per the 
only official Board members can attend an executive session.
  *   Council of Roots and Working Group Updates
     *   Slides will be submitted by WG chairs and presented/discussed during 
the August 2 Executive Board session.
Review of Action Items
Next CVE Board Meetings

*       Wednesday, August 2, 2023, 9:00am - 11:00am (EDT) - (Executive Session 
- Board only)

*       Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (EDT)

*       Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 9:00am - 11:00am (EDT)

*       Wednesday, September 13, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (EDT)

*       Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 9:00am - 11:00am (EDT)

*       Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (EDT)
Discussion Topics for Future Meetings

*       Review draft charter for new working group (for Summit planning, Annual 
Report, and the upcoming CVE 25th anniversary)

*       Sneak peak/review of annual report template SPWG is working (June 

*       Bulk download response from community about Reserved IDs

*       Finalize 2023 CVE Program priorities

*       CVE Services updates and website transition progress (as needed)

*       Working Group updates (every other meeting)

*       Council of Roots update (every other meeting)

*       Researcher Working Group proposal for Board review

*       Vision Paper and Annual Report

*       Secretariat review of all CNA scope statements

*       Proposed vote to allow CNAs to assign for insecure default 

*       CVE Communications Strategy

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