It is important we protect the integrity of the CVE Records. Changes made to 
existing CVE Records need to be limited to changes either correcting 
CVE-related information or providing better vulnerability related explanations.

The following guidelines must be followed in the short term and are actively 
being incorporated into the CVE Program Rules. The guidelines depicted below 
are subject to change and are expected to be enhanced in the future.
Prior to October 2016, the CVE Program was based on a hub and spoke model and 
MITRE was the hub. In that capacity, MITRE wrote all CVE descriptions and 
published all CVE Records. While there were a few CVE Numbering Authorities 
(CNAs) before that date, it was not until early 2017 the program began to 
change from its initial model to the current federated CNA management model. 
Today, it is CNAs responsibility to write their own descriptions and publish 
their own records.

The CVE Board has defined October 31, 2016, as the point in time where all CVE 
Records prior to that date are deemed historical CVE data.
Modification of Historical CVE Data

  *   CVE Records created prior to October 31, 2016, must not be modified by 
CNAs. This restriction will be implemented in CVE Services so that any attempt 
to change historical data will be blocked.

  *   If your organization feels there is a legitimate need to make changes to 
relevant records, contact the CVE Secretariat and make your case. Due to CVE 
Board directions, the Secretariat most likely will not accept your request. 
However, if there are errors that need to be corrected, contact the Secretariat 
with the justification and suggested updates so the supplied information can be 
reviewed, and records updated if deemed appropriate.
Modification to CNA CVE Data

  *   CVE Records created after October 31, 2016, can be updated by the owning 

  *   CVE Descriptions are highly visible to the vulnerability management 
community that use CVE data in products, databases, and security advisories. 
When updating existing CVE Descriptions, adherence to the following guidelines 
is required:

     *   Additional clarifying detail: Information that enhances understanding 
of the vulnerability is allowed and encouraged.
     *   Errors: Where a description contains an error, it should be corrected.
     *   Removing information: Removing information from a description that is 
not in error is not allowed.
     *   Altering information: Changing information in a description to modify 
the perceived severity of a vulnerability is not allowed.
Temporary CVE Record Modification Considerations

  *   Description Length: The CVE Program is deprecating the CVE JSON 4.0 data 
format. The completion to only supporting CVE JSON 5.0 is planned for July 1, 
2024. Until then, there is a limit on the CVE Record Description field to a 
maximum of 3999 characters. Be aware of this when developing descriptions. The 
Program is exploring an auto-truncate feature which will truncate descriptions 
to the maximum allowable character count of 3999. Until this feature is 
available, descriptions surpassing the character count will cause the 
submission to fail.

  *   Existing External References: CNAs must preserve existing references. It 
is possible to unintentionally overwrite existing references through an update 
process. This is a short-term problem being addressed through the CVE Program 
ADP container when operational in the coming months. At that point existing 
references will be copied from the CNA container from all CVE Records into the 
CVE Program ADP container. However, until this capability is operational, CNAs 
must pay close attention to not accidentally overwrite existing references 
during an update process:
     *   All references (initial and added) must be retained during any updates.
     *   Broken historical links must be retained for historical reference.
     *   When references added by the CNA are not correct (e.g., due to input 
errors, M&A activities, etc.) corrections are allowed.

This document is also available as a PDF on the CVE 
If you have any comments or concerns, please use the CVE Program Request 
forms<> and select “Other” from the dropdown menu.

CVE Program Secretariat<>

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