> Cole Radcliffe wrote:
> > When I try to run "xterm -e /usr/bin/bash -l" from the 
> cygwin shell I
> > get an error that says "xterm Xt error: "Can't open 
> display" "DISPLAY
> > is not set"
> Make sure the X server is running first (run 'startxwin').

This might not sufficient - at least it is not in my system: 
Even when you start the X server (in my case in multiwindow
mode), but then try to start xterm from a CMD Cygwin shell
(such as from the shell you get when opening the Cygwin
icon which is created by default when you setup Cygwin initially),
you get the above error message.

The trick is that in your startxwin, you have to create at
least one xterm (or rxvt) initially. From this, you can then 
open others.


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