Mark J. Reed wrote:
 >> Make sure the X server is running first (run 'startxwin').
This might not sufficient - at least it is not in my system:
Even when you start the X server (in my case in multiwindow
mode), but then try to start xterm from a CMD Cygwin shell
(such as from the shell you get when opening the Cygwin
icon which is created by default when you setup Cygwin initially),
you get the above error message.

Well, sure.

X allows individual programs running on one computer to display
selectively on a different one over the network, which is quite handy.
 You can also have multiple X servers running on the same host, thanks
to things like virtual consoles, Xnest,  Xvnc, etc.

But that means that an X client can't safely make assumptions about
where the X server is.  So you have to tell it.

While this is technically true, if the Cygwin X server has been started
with startxwin in the installed configuration, none of this is necessary.
Unless the OP reports that the X server has been started in this way but
still has a problem, I believe the most obvious cause of the problem
is that the X server is not running.  But since the OP also implied that
he may not be reading the list, I'm not sure we'll know for sure what
specifically is causing the problem.  So it's probably not worth speculating
about the multiple complicated ways that one can get this same message,
unless there's some follow-up from the OP that suggests doing so would be

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