Christopher Faylor did utter a clarion call of great frustration unto the 
>On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 03:16:05PM -0800, Back, Michael wrote:
>>Chuck wrote:
>>>I think the frustration on some people's behalf is that this question
>>>has been asked (and answered) maybe 50 times already on the list.
>>Perhaps because people can't find the info.  they need in any other way
>>than posting to this list?
>You seem to be missing the point that if it was discussed in the list
>you can use the list archive as a resource.  You don't have to just
>blindly send email assuming that no one else would ever have asked the
>same question.

My point is that relying on a user to have the forethought, time, and patience 
to scour through a mailing list archive is probably not the most effective or 
convenient form of communicating common upgrade problems and solutions.


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