On 31/03/2015 19:36, Michel Poirier wrote:
Since last X-Cygwin update several of my X-Win applications are not
working properly.

Googling "cygwin xorg 1.17 crash" gave many posts reporting probably
similar issues but I couldn't find a fix for the error. I also looked at
the Cygwin-FAQ and mailing list without real success.

The issue appeared using a long-time tested DOS script launching xmgrace
which failed with a message telling "A fatal error has occurred and
Cygwin/X will now exit." And other XWin programs were not working
properly. So I tried to make a fresh install of X-Cygwin (32 bits) on
another computer and went through the procedure explained on page

Can you be a bit more specific than "not working properly", please?

I made a brief test with xmgrace, and I wasn't able to observe any problems. Is there some specific option or action in xmgrace which causes this crash?


Would it be possible for you to try the "a backtrace when some specific action is making the X server crash" method on the machine which shows the crash?

which produced the debug info attached as "backtrace for X server
crashing at startup.txt". The X Server crashed when the r command was
launched and a copy of the Windows error message is provided at "Capture
of Windows error message.txt". I checked that no other X Server was then
running and clicked Ok button to finish the procedure.

Thanks for attempting this.

Unfortunately, this looks like the server refusing to start as one is already running. If there really isn't one running, this looks like a different problem.

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