I do most of my work on remote CentOS machines from a Windows box using a putty ssh tunnel and Cygwin X Server (1.14.1-1).

In the last few days nedit on those remote machines has been doing spurious pastes. That is, whatever is currently in the X11 paste buffer (not the program's paste buffer) is ending up dropped into whatever file is being edited. Unclear why they are landing where they do, I have not actually seen it happen, just found it when diff indicated these odd insertions. My best guess is that these happen while I am scrolling over these regions. Needless to say, this is really not a good thing.

There have been only two changes recently.

1.  I cleaned my mouse.
2.  yum on 1/27/18 automatically installed on those servers:

To eliminate (1) the mouse was swapped with another one. Too soon to know if that did anything.

Part, maybe the whole issue, seems to be a change in how the X11 paste buffer is working.

I seem to recall that before this if I highlighted a region in an xterm window, then moved to another X11 application window, and center clicked, it would paste the highlighted text. However, if nothing was highlighted in the last window, nothing would paste. My memory may be faulty on this issue though, as I never paid a lot of attention to it before it started misbehaving.

Now the paste buffer seems to remember forever the last thing that was loaded into it. This is the X11 paste buffer, not the one in nedit. The latter can be cleared by clicking once in any document and doing copy. However, that does not clear the X11 paste buffer, just the applications.

In order to minimize these spurious X11 window into nedit pastes I would like to be able to clear the X11 paste buffer. How would one do so? I mean, other than shutting down and restarting the X11 server!


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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