On 02-Feb-2018 13:13, David Mathog wrote:
I seem to recall that before this if I highlighted a region in an
xterm window, then moved to another X11 application window, and center
clicked, it would paste the highlighted text.  However, if nothing was
highlighted in the last window, nothing would paste.  My memory may be
faulty on this issue though, as I never paid a lot of attention to it
before it started misbehaving.

That wasn't right, but cut/paste is slightly different between "on the console" and "over putty ssh tunnel with X11 Server on Windows".

On an XFCE4 ubuntu system console this is what happens:

1.  type "pwd<enter>" into an uxterm window
2.  highlight "pwd" on the line at the preceding prompt, center
    click once at the current prompt.  "pwd" is pasted.
    Press "enter".
3.  left click once on the still highlighted "pwd", now 2 lines up.
    The highlight goes away.  Center click once at the prompt.
    "pwd" is still pasted. Press "enter".
4.  With the left mouse button drag across any letter and back
    to the original position.  So nothing is highlighted.  This can
    be on any text anywhere in the window.  Center click
    at the prompt.  Nothing is pasted - the paste buffer is now

So on the console it is possible to select "nothing".

On the X11 server ssh to the Ubuntu system and it is the same for the first 3 steps, but the 4th still pastes "pwd". The rule seems to be "paste buffer can be replaced by anything selected, but not by a select operation which ends with nothing highlighted."

On the X11 server ssh to the Centos system, it behaves just like a similar connection to the Centos system.

The operations do the same thing when going between two uxterm windows on any of these tests.

Which is right? Is "nothing" a valid thing to load into the paste buffer or no?

Is there a standard way to clear this buffer?


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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