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I have problems with debugging, so a quick help would be appreciated,
as I cannot figure this out after several hours of digging.

Cygwin /usr/bin/stat returns "Birth: -" for some files. Which value
must the CreationTime member of FILE_BASIC_INFORMATION have to cause
/usr/bin/stat ti return "-"? 0, -1, or something else?

In a related matter:
The Win32 FILE_BASIC_INFORMATION structure defines four time values:


How can a filesystem indicate if it does not support a particular
timestamp, such as ChangeTime? Should ChangeTime.QuadPart then be -1,
-2 or 0, or another value?

I'm not aware of a filesystem not supporting ChangeTime, that is,
st_ctime.  Usually only CreationTime (st_birthtime) is missing.

R/O media like CD/DVD-R or FS w/o write support?

I think setting the timestamp to 0 works for indicating that this kind
of timestamp is not supported.  Cygwin is handling Windows timestamps
this way, but I can't find this in documentation ATM.

See upthread?:

Caller or application can set 0 to mean keep/return current value, caller or driver can set -1 to mean don't update/return current value:


But the FS driver can also just fill the CreationTime field with the
same value as LastWriteTime or ChangeTime.  MSFT NFS does that.
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