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> Greetings, J M!
> > Isn't it better that original_path be removed all startwith
> > $mycygwin_homepath?
> $original_path is stored once when you first run Cygwin with empty home
> profile, IIRC. And not used anywhere.
> ,
> > You have this scriptlet, but if you need all to work with all Linux
> > distributions you need yo add unnecessary work, multiple code and cases
> for
> > all, and complicate all.
> It's in ~/.bashrc.d/. And not copied over to *NIX systems.
> P.S.
> Please do not top-post in this list.
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> With best regards,
> Andrey Repin
> Thursday, April 18, 2024 19:39:05
> Sorry for my terrible english...

Thank you Andrew, I didn't know the meaning of top-posting, using gmail
puts you at the beginning. And my english is very poor, I'm spanish.

Then, over this problem, its a pretty form to change the behaviour of
Cygwin from outside, simply setting the path cygwin64... the way you want.
Its a side effect... Appart of failed scripts, and I'm not in the security
branches, its a pretty form to inyect things to change behavihours.

I recommend to disable or erase all paths that refer to C:\cygwin64 or root

For reference, here https://gist.github.com/mpicker0/a6a3f10e6b9278074f93,
show the use of Windows environment variable C:\cygwin64\bin.


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