On Thu, Apr 25, 2024 at 10:19:05AM -0400, Peter Lai via Cygwin wrote:
> Why does installing python > py36 result in bringing in so many
> dependencies like libXdmcp etc, when the intent is to just run python
> interpreter from cli? Is this because of the way it's built for cygwin? I
> build python all the time in NetBSD using pkgsrc and in FreeBSD ports,
> without needing all of those deps. I don't know much about how cygport
> works, is there a repo of cygport files I can look at?

The load at https://cygwin.com/git/ is too high at the moment
and I get "503 - The load average on the server is too high" 

Take a look at some mirrors.

For cygport code:

Lots of individual repositories under here with cygport projects

Cheers, Glenn

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