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Why does installing python > py36 result in bringing in so many
dependencies like libXdmcp etc, when the intent is to just run python
interpreter from cli? Is this because of the way it's built for cygwin? I
build python all the time in NetBSD using pkgsrc and in FreeBSD ports,
without needing all of those deps. I don't know much about how cygport
works, is there a repo of cygport files I can look at?

The load at https://cygwin.com/git/ is too high at the moment
and I get "503 - The load average on the server is too high"

https://cygwin.com/cgit/ may behave better.

Take a look at some mirrors.

For cygport code:

This is just a mirror of https://cygwin.com/cgit/cygwin-apps/cygport/

You should probably take a look at the cygport manual () before reading the source code.

Lots of individual repositories under here with cygport projects

No, don't look there!

Those repositories haven't been updated for some time, and really should really be archived, but the owner is too busy.



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