Greetings, Martin Wege!

>> Can Cygwin be installed as a normal user (without Admin rights) in a
>> > nonstandard location, like C.\Users\martinwege\cygwinroot36\...)?
>> >
>> > Also, can this be done for more than one Cygwin version, e.g. I'd like
>> > to test multiple Cygwin versions in parallel.
>> >
>> (?) Why ask when you can just try both scenarios pretty easily?

> Simple example for possible issues (might be more):
> Cygwin seems to modify the global REGISTRY with a "Install for
> everyone" (as Admin). What will happen then?

Why would you try to "install for everyone" if you don't have an admin rights?

> Can Cygwin installations installed as non-admin interact via Windows
> REGISTRY, or other unexpected ways?

That's pretty strange question.

> So testing by a non-expert like me might not uncover
> such things immediately, so I better ask the experts here

What do you ACTUALLY want to do?

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, May 26, 2024 20:25:48

Sorry for my terrible english...

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