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Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 07:48:22 -0500
Subject: Wikipedia & Tor

This is a conversation with Jimmy Wales regarding how we can get
Wikipedia to let Tor get through.

> Anyone with a port 80 can vandalize your website.

Yes, but we notice that we can control a significant amount of vandalism
by blocking ip numbers which have proven to be particularly problematic.
 TOR servers are among the absolute worst.  And TOR operators don't seem
to care.

 We go to the trouble
> to  block  all  the  file  sharing clients, and often abused ports and
> protocols like IRC. Many of us typically block ports which do not have
> any  legitimate  reason for being used. If all it take is a port 80 to
> vandalize  the  wikipedia,  of which port 80 is a public service, then
> there  is  no point in discriminating against Tor users since every IP
> is an equal opportunity offender.

Equal *opportunity*, but we have very strong empirical evidence here.
TOR ip numbers are the worst offenders that we have seen.  People use
TOR specifically to hide their identity, specifically to vandalize

> You say that tor is quite irresponsibly managed. How would you propose
> we manage tor servers differently?

Ban users who vandalize wikipedia.  That'd be a start.  Rate limit edits
at Wikipedia, that'd be good.  Write an extension to your software which
would help us to distinguish between "trusted" and "newbie" Tor clients.

I completely fail to comprehend why Tor server operators consistently
refuse to take responsibility for their crazed users.

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