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   [1]Carl Bialik from the WSJ writes "China is moving to 'centralize all
   China-based Web news and opinion under a state regulator,' the Wall
   Street Journal reports, but determined citizens have found a way out
   of previous restrictions in what has become a cat-and-mouse game:
   '[2]Many Chinese Internet users, dismissing what they call government
   scare tactics, find ways around censorship. The government requires
   users of cybercafs to register with their state-issued ID cards on
   each visit, but some users avoid cybercaf registration by paying off
   owners. In response, the government has installed video cameras in
   some cafs and shut others. ... While certain words such as "democracy"
   are banned in online chat rooms, China's Web users sometimes transmit
   sensitive information as images, or simply speak in code, inserting
   special characters such as underscoring into typing.' Also noteworthy
   is that major portals seem to be cooperating with authorities'
   restrictions: 'Insiders who work for the big portal sites say they are
   already in regular contact with authorities about forbidden topics,
   such as the outlawed Falun Gong religious group, which their teams of
   Web editors pull off bulletin boards.'"


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