Gil Hamilton wrote:
> The problem is that reporters want to be made into a special class of
> people that don't have to abide by the same laws as the rest of us.  Are
> you a reporter?  Am I?  Is the National Inquirer?  How about Drudge? 
> What about bloggers?  Which agency will you have to apply to in order to
> get a Journalism License?  And will this License to Report entitle one
> to ignore subpoenas from federal grand juries?
  Problem there is - Miller didn't write the story, pass on the info to anyone
else, or indeed do much more than have a conversation with an unnamed source
where a classified name was revealed.  The Grand Jury is aware that Miller had
this info but refused to reveal who the informant was.
  On the other hand - Robert Novak got the same information, REPORTED it - and
isn't in any sort of trouble at all. Somehow this isn't the issue though... and
I wonder why?

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