On 10/18/05, Major Variola (ret.) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So this dupe/spy/wannabe journalist thinks that journalists
> should be *special*.. how nice.  Where in the 1st amendment is the class
> journalists mentioned?   She needs a WMD enema.

We put up with this "needs killing" crap from Tim May because he was
imaginative and interesting, at least when he could shake free from
his racism and nihilism. You on the other hand offer nothing but
bilious ignorance. If you don't have anything to say, how about if you
just don't say it?

The notion that someone who is willing to spend months in jail just to
keep a promise of silence "needs killing" is beyond bizarre and is
downright evil. This list supports the rights of individuals to tell
the government to go to hell, and that is exactly what Judy Miller
did. She should be a hero around here. It's disgusting to see these
kinds of comments from a no-nothing like "Major Variola".


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