On 10/20/05, R.A. Hettinga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> At 12:32 AM +0200 10/21/05, Daniel A. Nagy wrote:
> >Could you give us a reference to this one, please?
> Google is your friend, dude.
> Before making unitary global claims like you just did, you might consider
> consulting the literature. It's out there.

You're such an asshole. Daniel's actual statement was simply:

>> I know of no protocol for transfering blinded tokens with a receipt, but I
>> do not rule out the possibility of its existence.

This is what you characterized as a "unitary global claim". Aside from
the fact that "unitary" is meaningless in this context, his claim was
far from "global". Instead it was a very modest statement about what
aspects of the technology he was familiar with, and explicitly
admitted the possibility that he might be mistaken. I don't think you
could ask for anything more in a world where no one has perfect
knowledge about any topic.

While Daniel Nagy has been a model of politeness and modesty in his
claims here, you have reverted to your usual role as an arrogant
bully. If Daniel's project should be successful then you will
undoubtedly switch over to your other mode of communication,
obsequious ass-kissing. I have experienced both from you, in my many
names and roles, and I have no taste for either one.

I would encourage Daniel not to waste any more time interacting with Hettinga.


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