At 11:17 AM -0700 10/21/05, someone who can't afford a vowel, Alex, ;-)
expressed his anal glands thusly in my general direction:

>You're such an asshole.

My, my. Tetchy, this morning, oh vowelless one...

At 11:17 AM -0700 10/21/05, cyphrpunk wrote:
>This is what you characterized as a "unitary global claim". Aside from
>the fact that "unitary" is meaningless in this context, his claim was
>far from "global".

That's "One size fits all", for those of you in Rio Linda. A little bit of
an Irwin Corey joke for the apparently humor-impaired. Be careful now, I'll
start on the Norm Crosby stuff soon, and you might get an aneurysm, or

>While Daniel Nagy has been a model of politeness and modesty in his
>claims here, you have reverted to your usual role as an arrogant


I kick sand in your face on a beach somewhere I don't remember about?

Seriously, I tell him who did an exchange protocol, Silvio Micali, and that
they're a dime a dozen, second only to Mo' An' Better Auction Protocols,
and he wants me to go out on google, same as *he* can do, and do his work
for him.


At 11:17 AM -0700 10/21/05, cyphrpunk wrote:
>I would encourage Daniel not to waste any more time interacting with Hettinga.

Indeed. Especially when he makes with the wet-fish slapping-sounds you do
when actual words are supposed to come out of your mouth. Okay, maybe it's
another orifice. At any rate, you are lacking some, shall we say, ability
to express yourself, on the subject. Be careful, though. Burroughs has this
great cautionary tale about teaching your asshole to talk, speaking of the,
heh, devil...

Who'll start in on insulting his mother soon, unless Mr. "cyphrpunk" has
taken that Charles Atlas course he send out for. Hint: Be grateful you
don't have any nipple-hair to get caught in the NEW IMPROVED Charles Atlas
Chest Expander's springs. Hurts like hell, I hear, and deadlifts work
*much* better...
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