Shouldn't open stream everything, as that violates
privacy we seek and advocate. More interesting is
to capture and motion detect it all. Camera operators
moderate for innocent civilian privacy and publish footage
of entities and individuals violating the privacy of others.
And of course all employees of any entity of the
state in the course of their work. People don't see
google map cars, county auditors,
real estate agents, law enforcment, criminals,
investigators and nosy types, etc trolling around
their neighborhoods and their residences because
they're away at work or not 24x7 at their windows.
Nor do they know sites where it all ends up,
except for google maps maybe. But it's not as
visceral as that fuck they see on cam outside
their house due to their anti-cam subscription to all
suspicious motion within 100 meters, and workercam
subscription to their public agents of choice for the lols.
Deterrance and supervision... but with a point and target to it.

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