Anyone wanna 'grab a digital pussy'?

Some people like 'em nuts.

I'm not interested.


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Subject:        Re: It's for YOU! Fwd: Re: Jake and Tor article
Date:   Fri, 14 Oct 2016 02:09:30 -0300
From:   Cecilia Tanaka <>

I am really wasted, exhausted, breathing bad, but wanted to say *I do
love you* before trying to sleep.  Wish you lovely dreams and a restful
sleep, my dear.

I am not flirting with you, but I still think you are sexy.  Completely
crazy, stubborn, but charming, seem have a deliciously manly smell and a
circumcised penis.  Puuurrr...  Meow!  Would love to be in your lap now
just to smell you...  <3

Intelligence is always sexy and I love circumcised penis.  It would very
nice if you could be a pain in my ass, not in my neck.  Nothing is more
Latin than hot, wild sex after stupid discussions, hmm...

Kisses and snugglehugs, sweetie.  You are crazy, I am crazier...  So
life goes on, hihi...  Fool!  :)

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