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On 11/30/2016 10:56 PM, Razer wrote:

> "Many people like to imagine that Islamic terrorism is supported
> by almost no one in the Muslim world. That is not the reality of
> the situation. Surveys done in Germany, England, France, and Spain,
> suggest that about 1 in 4 Muslims think that violence against
> civilians in the name of Islam can be justified. "
> http://therightstuff.biz/2016/06/13/the-orlando-shooting-and-islam/
>  Of COURSE he doesn't mention the fact that almost every christian
> in the industrialized world would allow the wiping out of muslims
> in a heartbeat. They do. Right now. It's not a hypothetical.

That's not a hypothetical:  It's a misperception engineered by
propaganda.  Multi-million dollar budgets are devoted to lining up as
much support as possible for the West's economically motivated
conquest of territory that happens to have Musilims walking around on
it, and exploiting racism and xenophobia is a tried and true winning

The illusion that Christians hate Muslims is an example of the
Bandwagon approach:  Lists of classic propaganda techniques always
include Bandwagon, and describe it as messaging that proves
"everybody's doing it," the it being whatever the promoter was hired
to sell.  Brining people on board is the primary objective, but
Bandwagon's includes a secondary impact when the same messaging that
seeks to unite and motivate one audience serves to turn other
audiences against them.  This greatly enhances the insular group
identities of all affected demographics, and in a political context
prepares them for mobilization against each other.

In our example, the racist Islamophobia attributed to "almost every
christian in the industrialized world" is an artifact of Bandwagon
propaganda targeting the  minority of self identifying Christians who
happen to express strong xenophobic and racist traits as native
personality features, independent of their religious beliefs.  This
minority is large enough to be dangerous if united and mobilized -
which is why extensive, expensive efforts are underway to capture and
mobilize them.

As a veteran and member in good standing of Full Gospel, Catholic,
Gnostic and Quaker faith communities, I can assure one and all that
very few of the racist xenophobes mentioned above are observant
Christians, even by the most superficial standards of performance.
The Christian mainstream recognizes and opposes the systematic
exploitation and abuse of their brand, but contrary to indoctrinated
popular belief, does not have the financial and media resources to
successfully challenge that agenda in the public arena.

I would describe the problem Christians (a.k.a. target demograhic) as
people with very legitimate grievances against the real world they
live in from day to day.  They have been systematically denied
educational resources, locked out of living wage employment, and
politically disenfranchised.  Because of these realities, they are
also strongly affected by what Alvin Toffler called "future shock,"
exceptionally vulnerable to the Good Old Days propaganda technique.
The same people who imposed poverty on their communities exploit the
resulting vulnerabilities by presenting outsiders as scapegoats, and
mobilizing them to demand that their captors be given the power and
authority to "put the world to rights," a.k.a. Make America Great
Again on their behalf.

What can we do about the resulting mess?  I'm an advocate for
outreach; get the "real Christians" up on their feet and down to the
street, not to stand against but with their wounded co-religionists.
The sidewalk talk, soap box speeches and formal sermons practically
write themselves and win at an easy walk.  Where and as the necessary
effort is made, all the uncommitted are belong to us.

What can non-Christians and the anti-religious do?  Before
enlightenment chop wood, carry water, smash the State.  After
enlightenment chop wood, carry water, smash the State.  But make sure
you know what's up and where it's at before you throw down and get it on


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