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> The illusion that Christians hate Muslims is an example of the
> Bandwagon approach: 

        Illusion? jew-kkkristian hate all non jew-kkkristians.
        Jew-kkkristianity is one of the basic cores of western fascism. 

> In our example, the racist Islamophobia attributed to "almost every
> christian in the industrialized world" is an artifact of Bandwagon
> propaganda targeting the  minority of self identifying Christians who
> happen to express strong xenophobic and racist traits as native
> personality features,

        as if the doctrine of jew-kkkristianity was not a supremacist
        doctrine at all. lol.

> As a veteran 

        A veteran of what? Not the US military? 

> and member in good standing of Full Gospel, Catholic,
> Gnostic and Quaker faith communities, 

        You are a 'member' or  in 'good standing' with those despicable
        frauds? That clearly signals that your respect for truth

> I can assure one and all that
> very few of the racist xenophobes mentioned above are observant
> Christians, even by the most superficial standards of performance.
> The Christian mainstream recognizes and opposes the systematic
> exploitation and abuse of their brand, but contrary to indoctrinated
> popular belief, does not have the financial and media resources to
> successfully challenge that agenda in the public arena.

        Wow. You can barefacedly post that kind of bullshit? The
        jew-kkkristian in the fascist west are poor innocent victims
        who don't have enough money to propangadize? Like all good
        kkkristians you are a bit too greedy...and your lies are way
        too stupid.

> I would describe the problem Christians (a.k.a. target demograhic) as
> people with very legitimate grievances against the real world they
> live in from day to day.  They have been systematically denied
> educational resources, locked out of living wage employment, and
> politically disenfranchised.

        Are you writing some sort of short story about a parallel
        universe? If not, what the fuck are you talking about. 

> What can we do about the resulting mess?  I'm an advocate for
> outreach; get the "real Christians" up on their feet and down to the
> street, 

        jew-kkkristianity has to be erradicated, not encouraged

> not to stand against but with their wounded co-religionists.
> The sidewalk talk, soap box speeches and formal sermons practically
> write themselves and win at an easy walk.  Where and as the necessary
> effort is made, all the uncommitted are belong to us.
> What can non-Christians and the anti-religious do?  Before
> enlightenment chop wood, carry water, smash the State.  

        dude, your fucking jew-kkkristianity is one of the most
        despicable forms of THEOCRACY that exists. Smashing the state
        includes smashing jew-kkkristianity. FYI.

> after
> enlightenment chop wood, carry water, smash the State.  But make sure
> you know what's up and where it's at before you throw down and get it
> on .
> :o)

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