We often use the word "they" - who are "they" who control "the system"?

Also called the MOTU, or Masters Of The Universe, since they control the
bulk of the world's gold bullion and debt instruments (aka "money").

Did someone mention that the Federal Reserve bank is privately held?

The following interview delves a little further into some 'interesting'
facts behind the Federal Reserve. Alex Jones interviews Dr. David Duke,
and this is the interview that broke Jones - an historical first -
un-effing-believable: Alex Jones caves to his bosses, censors his own
interview, first to a 10% 'edit' then removed the interview completely
off of his own website. Alex Jones, "free speech champion" ...
or something.

The interview that broke Alex Jones - Dr. David Duke interview
by Alex Jones, removed by Jones' from his own website!

As one Jones supporter said, “The Genie is out of the bottle!”
Jones invited me. He said he believed in free speech that he was an
enemy of political correctness.
Alex Jones should be thanked for proposing and going through with this
debate. He arranged it, and he made possible for the world to hear it.

Mr. Jones, the world must hear it! No matter what, the world will hear

With best wishes and hopes that Alex Jones will stand by the principles
with which he began his media career, and hopefully still holds dear!

And I send my love to each of you who have the courage to stand up
honestly for your freedom and heritage wherever you live in the world.
Download this debate and let the whole world see and hear it.

~ 650MiB for the highest quality, full interview version (smallest
option is ~ 120MiB)

The SPLC may have hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of
employees, a bonafide fortress compound, and the ear of America’s
intelligence community, but in the battlefront where this war will be
decided, a handful of broke goyim with laptops have the upper hand.
 our movement to secure self-determination for our folk remains in its

Following the Jonestown Massacre committed against the Alex Jones Show
by David Duke, Alex Jones originally uploaded a greatly redacted version
of the interview/debate, then deleted it entirely, apparently not
understanding that it is impossible to delete things from the internet.

The following day, he brought out the big gun – Jesse “The Body” Ventura
– who has historically gotten Jones very high ratings and media

Alex Jones must know that his behaviour during the David Duke interview
was not only one of his worst performances, he’s disappointed many of
his loyal fans.

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