On 1/29/2017 11:41 AM, Razer wrote:
Dulles/DC, JFK, OHare/Chicago, SFO, LAX, Logan/Boston, must be others
... but DO NOTE that Donald Trump wrote an Executive order to cause a
Muslim Ban (Muslim ONLY... religion-based) from certain countries, all
of whom we're bombing and none of which has been involved in any
terrorist incident in the US in any known history, and HE NEVER EVEN RAN

A lot of high IQ westernized Muslims who come in through channels like H1B visas for engineers have been inconvenienced.

Meanwhile, in flyover country, Obama has been dumping enormous numbers of black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy on marginal electorates, to tip the vote Democratic. From being peaceful and rural, they have suddenly gone to having an enormous crime problem, inner city levels of crime, and Rotherham levels of rape.

The ban has undoubtedly stopped enormous numbers of rapes of white women already.

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