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> but DO NOTE that Donald Trump wrote an Executive order to cause a Muslim Ban
> (Muslim ONLY... religion-based) from certain countries, all of whom we're
> bombing and none of which has been involved in any terrorist incident in the

Some like to say Sauds did wtc. Assuming true as the only
country supported excercise and everything else is free agent.
Then all that's left is to run the stats on logical AND of
- All legally admitted entry persons from all places, broken down
by country, religion, economic status, social, psych, family, etc.
- All the [attempted] murders of three [perhaps two] or more people
in one event by all such admittees.
Then if you've no other tool but ban, and your goal is to reduce such
murders, then what do the stats tell you to ban 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc?
What are the actual stats here?

Tribranch repubs might bill a restore of federal 2ndA permitless
concealed carry as a defense against mass sprees in public so
aren't likely to last long. Perhaps as political alternate if ban fails.

Note any such current murder count is purely noise
floor next to the mountains of what are known by science or
spending to be entire classes of preventable deaths.
Like say free yearly body scans to find cancer and such early.

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