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I'm pretty sure it is illegal for airplane mode not to halt all transmissions. 
Of course this won't matter.
I looked into my BIOS settings and apparently there is spread-spectrum 
modulation to reduce EMI? No idea if it reduces or masks side channel 
Spread spectrum accomplishes nothing when it comes to RFI from square waves, 
which produce spurious emmissions all over the spectrum. MIGHT cut down the 
ERP, but... 
Most likely Android LOGS, and then delivers when the radio is on

There are serious vulnerabilities, and everyone looks the other way. It is a 
great mystery.
Somehow there is demand for hardware random number generators when you could 
fit an antenna to the microphone jack and pick up low frequency cosmic 
background radiation. Or even higher frequencies, wifi requires error 
correction because of imperfections within the circuitry and echoes from walls 
requiring full knowledge of the device's placement and design.
In the end, the most amazing thing is that every purported benefit is really a 
hindrance, and real beneficial things without secret problems are ignored.
No really, look for every touted benefit that seems to provide marginal benefit 
over a simpler solution, and it is really an elaborate backdoor. x86 is 
designed for the unlikely scenario that a computer only needs a few dozen 
P.S. Buy iPhones, not Android, because the Apple tax is really the price for 
cybersecurity. In some mystery, carrier-specific forks of Android should really 
use a subset of apps, unique sprites, and unique bootloader screens. If Google 
cared about cybersecurity, they would bar outdated phones from being sold that 
can access Google Play. Android 4.4 devices are STILL BEING SOLD.Ideally when 
people buy products, money goes towards a trust for long term maintenance of 
them. Like cemeteries. A properly designed product would be supported for a 
long time.Purism's products seem to be from an irrational design basis that the 
GPL will cure everything. 

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