On 24/02/2018 00:43, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
We should be decent, really nice and correct with all the people, because it's more than obviously the right thing to be done, not only for fear of being judged a "non politically correct" person.

Yet this applies only in one direction. Non whites can be rude, aggressive, and violent to whites. Whites have to respond with respect and niceness.

Men have to be nice to women.  Women are expected to be rude to men.

Reflect on the recent integration of women in the marines. Previously, Marines had to conduct a single file forced march carrying heavy and medium weapon systems that could weigh anywhere from 125 lbs-150 lbs.

Now, the same, except the march is a much shorter distance, and the men carry the women's packs. This is not equality - fake equality makes the superior second class to the inferior.

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