On 24/02/2018 06:24, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
Bah! Who needs supplies, hand grenades or weapons in a war:

US Army drops grenade throwing as a requirement to
pass Basic Training

Marksmanship also abandoned.

Turns out that the typical highly trained female "soldier" is more than one standard deviation below the typical male soldier in marksmanship, even though no upper body strength is required, just hand eye coordination, which you would think females would be better at.

Substantially higher variance in female marksmanship though, which means that among the very best marksmen, the difference is considerably less.

With white and black criminality, the mean for black criminality is way higher than the mean for white, but the variance is way lower. Hence the good behavior of blacks in societies with draconian law enforcement, and the bad behavior of Harvard blacks earning six figure incomes.

We saw a similar situation with Indian engineers in Silicon valley. Indian engineers were a disaster, still are. Instead of debugging the program, they deprogrammed the bugs. They ran Informix, and several other companies into the ground. Stuff just did not work, and customers would not take it.

But then Trump cracked the whip, and told Silicon Valley companies (who hate him) that they cannot import Indian software engineers unless they are truly exceptional.

And with Trump holding a gun to heads of Silicon Valley companies, it turned out that there is high variance among Indian software engineers, higher variance than among American engineers - that there are a lot of very smart Indian software engineers, truly exceptional engineers, that somehow Silicon valley did not care about when it was free to import typical average Indian software engineers.

Pretty sure, however, that though there seem to be plenty of exceptional, and formerly ignored, Indian engineers now that Silicon Valley is forced, very much against their will, to search for them, there are no exceptional women that can carry a hundred pound weapon system thirty kilometers.

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