Stefan Behnel schrieb am 02.08.2017 um 11:44:
> Given the current set of bugs and regressions in 0.26, I think we should
> start preparing a 0.26.1 release. I've already updated the release branch
> with recent fixes. It's currently the same as master, but I'd like to
> separate the branches soon in order to start merging features for 0.27 to
> avoid bit-rot.

I've merged the pending new features into master and updated the version to
0.27a0. Travis will need a while to give feedback if everything worked out,
but the PEPs 525, 530 (async generators/comprehensions) and 489 (module
initialisation) are now implemented in master. See my comments on them in
the changelog. I'd be happy to see some testing on user side.

Have fun!

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