Rene 'Renne' Bartsch, B.Sc. Informatics wrote:
> the german mail-provider has published a web-interface for RFC
> 7929 look-ups at While users have to trust
>, it allows John-Does to look-up OpenPGPkey-RRs until
> mail-clients support it. The website is now available via IPv4 and IPv6
> protected with DNSSEC/DANE-TLS. Using the DNSSEC/TLSA-Validator from
> CZ-NIC ( John-Does can look-up public
> PGP-keys fairly secure with their browser.
> There's definitely no excuse anymore for mail-providers to kick RFC 7929
> down the road! ;-)

The concept of the status "Experimental" seems to be unclear to you.

And I'm slightly confused to see a comment like this from someone
who seems to come from Europe.  In Europe, publishing such information
is a mandatory end-user-optin (so it requires a non-trivial change
to the backend software), besides screaming out loud "spam-me-harder".


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