On Tue, 20 Sep 2016, Martin Rex wrote:

Rene 'Renne' Bartsch, B.Sc. Informatics wrote:

the german mail-provider mail.de has published a web-interface for RFC
7929 look-ups at https://openpgpkey.info/.

That's neat! I tested it out and it found the my pgp key. Perhaps a more
human readable interpretation would have been nice to see as well?

There's definitely no excuse anymore for mail-providers to kick RFC 7929
down the road! ;-)


The concept of the status "Experimental" seems to be unclear to you.

For one, marking it experimental was pretty silly, and based only on
the "we are all going to die over lowercase()" issue. Second, even
expriments need to get their deployments started to see if the RFC
is successfull or not.

And I'm slightly confused to see a comment like this from someone
who seems to come from Europe.  In Europe, publishing such information
is a mandatory end-user-optin (so it requires a non-trivial change
to the backend software), besides screaming out loud "spam-me-harder".

It seems a little ironic that you are invoking privacy laws over
publishing and using _public_ keys eh? :)

And I'm also from European decent but do not see a privacy issue. In
fact, if anything, one can argue that having encryption envelopes
now readily available, sending your personal emails as a postcard
without an encryption envelope would be the privacy law violation.


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