On 17/09/16 20:48, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt wrote:
Last week my Kubuntu 16.04 crashed and I had to do a complete new setup
of the whole system. By that chance I also upgraded from dt 2.04 to 2.0.6.

Since that I cannot open my Nikon 1v1 raw files (*.NEF).

I am desperate sitting on 800 new pictures from our summer holiday....

Hi Stefan,

Not sure why your camera isn't supported any more, I'll leave that to an actual dev to comment on. However, since you mention that you're desperate, you could build from source. The general instructions are here:


And how to install the dependencies for your system here:


To get the older version (2.0.4 in your case) you would do:

git checkout release-2.0.4
rm -rf build

rather than using the latest version (2.0.6).

Then you would install:

cd "./build"; sudo make install

And run the version you just installed:


You have to run it this way to avoid using the version installed by your operating system.


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