On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 2:04 PM, Robert William Hutton
<r...@helms-deep.net> wrote:
> On 17/09/16 20:48, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt wrote:
>> Last week my Kubuntu 16.04 crashed and I had to do a complete new setup
>> of the whole system. By that chance I also upgraded from dt 2.04 to 2.0.6.
>> Since that I cannot open my Nikon 1v1 raw files (*.NEF).
>> I am desperate sitting on 800 new pictures from our summer holiday....
> Hi Stefan,
> Not sure why your camera isn't supported any more,
It was fixed later on https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11137

> I'll leave that to an actual dev to comment on.

The root cause is: nikon can write up to 4 different raw formats:
14bit compressed, 14bit uncompressed, 12bit compressed, 12bit uncompressed.

Unsurprisingly, 12-bit and 14-bit have different white levels.
Additionally, old code assumed that "*-compressed" always have a fixed
whitelevels of (2^bitness)-1), i.e. 4095 or 16383.

For that reason, many nikon cameras in cameras.xml had completely
arbitrary whitelevel specified,
which resulted in wrong image => either way too bright (if 12bit wl
was specified, and image is from 14bit-uncompressed)
or too dark and with purple highlights (if 14bit wl was specified, and
image is from 12bit-uncompressed)
or with just purple highlights (all other cases, e.g. "*-compressed").

And no one noticed that ^ it was completely and utterly broken.

So when i finally did notice that, i had zero options other than just
disable all the nikon cameras
for which we do not have proper whitelevel information, and then add
the support back
on per-camera case once someone provides all the necessary samples.

This is the script that gives the list of broken (and disabled in git
master) nikon cameras:

If your camera is in that output, one needs to provide samples to redmine
(but do check for duplicates first!)

> However, since you mention that you're desperate,
> you could build from source.  The general instructions are here:
> https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/wiki/Building_darktable_20#General-build-instructions
> And how to install the dependencies for your system here:
> https://redmine.darktable.org/projects/darktable/wiki/Building_darktable_20#Ubuntu-1604
> To get the older version (2.0.4 in your case) you would do:
> git checkout release-2.0.4
> rm -rf build
> ./build.sh
> rather than using the latest version (2.0.6).
> Then you would install:
> cd "./build"; sudo make install
> And run the version you just installed:
> /opt/darktable/bin/darktable
> You have to run it this way to avoid using the version installed by your
> operating system.
> HTH,
> Rob

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