fwiw people have already found ways to ingest 3d luts into our colour
look up table module:



On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 3:03 AM, Tobias Ellinghaus <m...@houz.org> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016, 12:53:12 CEST schrieb Seweryn Niemiec:
>> Hi
>> Colour transformations using 3D LUTs (Look Up Table) are popular in
>> cinematography but no so in photography (probably one of the causes is a
>> lack of support for it in software). I use them a lot and I usually drop
>> using Darktable for those cases and switch to Natron, but this solution is
>> far from perfect (I love Darktable for many reasons).
>> LUT transformation have to applied in pipeline after basic exposure and
>> colour correction and before some other luma and colour corrections.
> Well, there are several places where a LUT can be applied. Once in the
> beginning, to get you recorded video data to a known state (kind of replaces
> input color profile), then there are final looks LUTs that are to be applied 
> in
> the very end (to make the linear pixels look ok, adding a gamma curve and
> maybe some film emulation, so basically the final grading). And then there are
> intermediate ones like you ask for.
> We discussed that a few times internally and while I would like to support
> that, there is the problem of WHERE to have such a module in the pipe. Or if
> we should add LUT support in a single new module plus the the input/output
> color profile modules? So many options ... If you have more insight I would
> like to hear about it.
>> AFAIK, ready to use implementation of this transformation is provided by
>> OpenColorIO library via LookTransform function. It is used in most
>> compositing programs (like Natron, Fusion, Nuke) and reads all popular file
>> formats (3dl, cube, csp...)
> I wouldn't like to add that dependency as it's a rather big one and somewhat
> opposed to the ICC based workflow we use. But we don't need it anyway, I
> already have written some test code that reads cube files and applies them.
>> A have created issue for this https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11217
>> Was there in the past any discussion about such iop?
> Tobias
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