Colour transformations using 3D LUTs (Look Up Table) are popular in cinematography but no so in photography (probably one of the causes is a lack of support for it in software). I use them a lot and I usually drop using Darktable for those cases and switch to Natron, but this solution is far from perfect (I love Darktable for many reasons).

LUT transformation have to applied in pipeline after basic exposure and colour correction and before some other luma and colour corrections.

AFAIK, ready to use implementation of this transformation is provided by OpenColorIO library via LookTransform function. It is used in most compositing programs (like Natron, Fusion, Nuke) and reads all popular file formats (3dl, cube, csp...)

A have created issue for this https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11217

Was there in the past any discussion about such iop?

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Seweryn Niemiec

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