Good to know, thank you.

I use a 1920×1200 24'' monitor with Ubuntu 16.04 Unity, multiplication factor for display set to 1 (In "display" settings, option "adjust menus and titles bars" == 1). So it's pretty standard.

*Aurélien PIERRE* <>

Le 01/12/2016 à 13:01, Pascal Obry a écrit :

This is the same with the default stylesheet. It may not be a
translation issue, but still. One easy solution would be to enlarge
the font for the lighttable/darkroom/etc. labels, but a bigger top
panel means a smaller picture frame and it's a shame for a photo
Really strange I can't reproduce on my side! Maybe a font issue or a
DPI issue. What screen do you have?

I agree with you that this is a bug and need to be fixed, but in string
freeze I'm not sure I can arrange this help to be on 2 lines. I can
certainly do that for the french translation.

Well, I'll do it right now. Then you'll be able to test RC2 when it is
out and we'll see.

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