Hi Dan,

thanks for your suggestion and your interest.

To your suggestion

> Perhaps a simpler version is best: sort order associated not with a
> particular "collect images" filter but as another column in the "images"
> table. This would cause less worry about a lengthy join and indexing on a
> TEXT column in "custom_image_order". And once "places|beach" is given a
> custom sequence, it will maintain that even if the collection is further
> filtered. And somewhat maintain that sequence for other collections which
> overlap it. This would also not leave "ghost" custom image orders laying
> order when a tag or film roll is deleted. On the other hand, it wouldn't
> allow for creating tags "sequence|v1" and then "sequence|v2" with utterly
> different orders.

I like your idea to simplify it. So I will implement it that way. First a
version without the tags.

Worth updating https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/9641 with a note of
> your progress/interest, to add to the record. Easier to search redmine than
> the mailing list.

I'll check that.

Thanks again and best regards,

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