* Mario Lüder <monsieur.m...@gmail.com> [04-16-18 18:43]:
> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for your advise. I thought that mailing list here would the right
> channel to communicate thoughts/ideas and getting suggestion in return.
> I have pushed my changes and did a pull request.
> I hope nobody feels offended by doing it in this way. I am open for
> comments and suggestions. So please let me know what to enhance.
> Best regards,
> Mario
> 2018-04-16 21:50 GMT+02:00 Dan Torop <d...@pnym.net>:
> > Hi Mario,
> >
> > Thank you! You should also, certainly, chat with the darktable developers
> > (IRC?) before going too far. They've been clear in the past that they don't
> > want someone putting in lots of work on a feature if they don't think it'll
> > make it in, or make it in in the initial form. I'd be curious as to their
> > thoughts on how custom image sorting could work...
> >
> > Dan

<much previous quoting removed ...>

Dan's advice to visit with the dev's on irc, #darktable, is "the right
thing".  they are readily accessible and amenable to suggestions and
requests.  and can tell you whether your changes will be considered,
before you invest a great deal of time and energy.  and perhaps stop you
from coming away with a "bad taste".

they are usually available in line with Germany time table.

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